Smart Movies: The Lowdown

Smart movies are for those film fans who enjoy a bit of deeper thought when it comes to deciphering the plot of a film.

What is the definition of smart movies though? The easiest way to describe them is movies that have a lot of twists and turns and that could also have ambiguous endings that are subject to interpretation by the audience.

The first rule about the Fight Club is that you don’t talk about it. This incredible film adaptation of the book by Chuck Palahniuk, follows the journey of a depressed man who narrates the film (Edward Norton). The narrator meets a soap salesman played by Brad Pitt, who is called Tyler Durden. The narrator’s apartment burns down in a fire, and he moves in with Durden. They then establish Fight Club, which starts out as a club, but turns into a terrorist movement. The two also clash over a love interest in Helena Bonham Carter. In the end, the narrator figures out that he and Durden are one and the same, and that he has a split personality disorder. This really is one of the greatest smart movies ever made.

Shutter Island

The escape of a female murdered from Asheclliffe Hospital, on a remote island, sees Leonardo Di Caprio play the part of Marshal Teddy Daniels, who is tasked with tracking her down and bringing her to justice. The plot twists and turns at every opportunity, and it seems that everything about the lunatic asylum is a bit off. Daniels continues his quest with his partner, played by Mark Ruffalo. He begins to doubt his own sanity, and for good reason, the character played by Di Caprio is actually insane and has a regression. In the end, he realises this, and allows himself to be committed for treatment once more.

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