Questions Before Buying Home Bar Furniture

Have you ever thought of finishing your basement into a stylish home bar area? Many people have had this idea and are now reaping the benefits of their own home bar for less money and effort than you think.

Of course, you want your home bar to have the perfect lighting and accessories but you must remember the most important piece of furniture is the bar itself. This includes the main bar unit, bar stools, and if you have enough room a wall unit for storing drink bottles, glasses, and accessories. For this reason I definitely recommend buying bar in a unified, matching set. It is the best way to get the look you want, the number of pieces you need, and save a lot of money at the same time.

First, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before buying your home bar furniture set:

1.) How much space have you set aside for your bar?

2.) How many pieces of furniture do you want?

3.) What additional accessories do you require?

4.) What design and color scheme are you looking for?

5.) Where can I find all this at an affordable price?

I will answer each question as if I were the one in the market for a new home bar. At the end I will have a very good idea of what I”m looking for and where to find it at a great discount.

Question number one asks how much space I”ve set aside for my bar. Personally, I will be adding the bar to my finished basement. It will take up about 1/3 of the square footage in my basement, roughly a 12” x 15” area to work with. This helps me to understand the dimensions of the bar set I am able to purchase without playing a guessing game.

Number two asks how many pieces of furniture I want with my set. I am looking for a 4-piece set including two bar stools, the main bar unit, and a wall unit for displaying accessories and some decorative art. This narrows down my choices even further since I know exactly the number of pieces I want.

Question number three is important in narrowing down your choices even more. Additional accessories can be anything from a built-in sink for rinsing glasses and dishes to a foot rest attachment around the bottom of the main bar unit. I”m looking for some additional accessories including a rinse sink in the back of the bar unit and some storage cabinets under the bar.

As for design and color scheme, this is obviously nothing more than personal preference. But keep in mind that you should consider your existing decor of the room the bar will be added to. You don”t want your new home bar to clash with anything you already have. As for me, I would like a more traditional dark finished hardwood with some brass accents. You can see that with each answer to our list of questions the final choice gets closer and closer.

The most important question to answer is number five. How can you save money on the home bar of your dreams? The answer is surprisingly quite simple. Shop online! That’’s right. You would not believe the incredible deals you can find by shopping online as opposed to a local furniture retailer. The key is that there is so much more competition online due to the sheer number of sellers. This brings prices down as they all compete for our dollars in the huge Internet market. Now that we”ve answered all of the important questions go find exactly what you want. Happy shopping!

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