Provincial Nomination British Columbia

In a concerted effort to increase the positive effect  immigration can have on the economy, British Columbia  also provides a Provincial Nominee Program. It’s structured specifically around  benefits to the provincial economy and as such, the program tends to approve  only immigration applications that would further this end.

However since 2001 when the operation began, there has been  an increase in the types of categories than British Columbia considers valid for having a positive effect  on the economy. These can be further categorised into two main areas: Strategic  Occupations and Business Categories.

The former is comprised of International Students, Health  care professionals such as Nurses, and other skilled workers. The Business  Categories include regional business interests, special business projects that  may require particular skills and general business skills such as management.

As a potential applicant to the British Columbia nominee program, it is best therefore that  you have something to offer one of these six categories. International Students  aside, who are recognised for their potential and the benefit their tuition  fees will bring, skilled workers, health professionals and business managers  are particularly likely to be positively considered.

As with many provincial nominee programs, British Columbia can approve your application but this will  not result in automatic residency. Applicants must also apply for and  successfully achieve residency via the standard Canadian Immigration regulations.

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