Best CIA Movies

We all have our favorite genres of movies to watch and for some, nothing can beat a good old CIA mystery drama. On this page, you will find a quick and handy guide to the best CIA movies that there are to watch. Some are based on fact and some are totally fictitious, but they are great stories and the movies are just top quality.


Argo is based on a true story where Islamic militants charged into the United States embassy and took 66 hostages. Six people managed to escape and take refuge in the Canadian embassy not far away. What follows is an incredible story based on fact where the CIA organises an extraction team under the premise of a historical documentary named “Argo” being filmed in the country. The main character is played by Ben Affleck.

Clear And Present Danger

Harrison Ford turns in a vintage performance in this movie, playing the part of agent Jack Ryan. He is thrust into the hot-seat as acting deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency when his superior has to step down after being diagnosed with cancer. In the process, he finds many links between his former boss and drug bosses, He then sends an agent to Colombia to kill them and must find out the truth as to what has been going on.

Casino Royale

Bond is part of MI6, the British version of CIA. Casino Royale is a real classic! This was Daniel Craig’s first movie as James Bond. If you want some casino action yourself, check out the reviews and guides at SlotsReview.CA.


Kevin Costner is immense in this movie, as the title suggests, investigates the murder of US President John F Kennedy. The Oliver Stone directed movie sees New Orleans District Attorney doubt the conventional explanation of Lee Harvey Oswald being the murderer. He closes the case under pressure but later re-opens the investigation and sparks fly after he finds plenty of evidence that a cover up was organised by the government of the United States in the wake of JFK’s assassination.

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