Adventure Movies 2017

Adventure movies in 2017 have been great so far, but with the year only half way through, things can only get bigger and better.

On this page, you will find a list of some of the best adventure movies released in 2017 along with a short description of each one.

Wonder Woman

Stunning Gal Godot plays Wonder Woman in this fantastic reboot. The character starts out as Diana, a warrior princess in the Amazons. She is convinced to help the outside world by a US pilot. The plot is good and the action is even better as Wonder Woman comes of age.

Transformers The Last Knight

Optimus Prime is no more and the key to humankind defeating the transformers is to try and find the history of the machines that are left on earth. It is left to perennial transformer star Bumblebee and some good British stiff upper lip to end the war.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell no Tales

Johnny Depp is back as Captain Sparrow in the nest installment of swashbuckling pirate adventures. Sparrow is hunted down by ghost sailors led by one of his own foes and must seek the help of a beautiful astronomer and an obstinate British Navy officer to find the Trident of Poseidon.

King Arthur – Legend of The Sword

The legend of King Arthur is brought to life in this production. Arthur’s parents were killed and he was raised by prostitutes in London. He grows into a clever man and eventually pulls the sword Excalibur out of the rock. He goes on to lead the English rebels and capture the English throne.


This movie tells the story of how British civilians mobilised to bring home 400,000 troops that were stranded in France when the Nazi’s invaded. The directing is impeccable and the story is told from the eyes of those who were evacuated and those who crossed the English Channel to get it done.

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