Adventure Movies 2017

Adventure Movies 2017

Adventure movies in 2017 have been great so far, but with the year only half way through, things can only get bigger and better. On this page, you will find a list More »

Best CIA Movies

Best CIA Movies

We all have our favorite genres of movies to watch and for some, nothing can beat a good old CIA mystery drama. On this page, you will find a quick and handy More »


About Us and Movies

Movies are always a great go-to for some easy entertainment, When it comes to just finding something easy to do with a glass of wine and a take away pizza, most people look for movies playing on DVD, on demand or, if you fancy an easy night out, the cinema.

On these pages, you will find the lowdown on some of the best movies that have been released in 2017, as well as some other short and sweet reviews about movies that you might have already seen, but would definitely watch again.

Whether you enjoy historical drama, science fiction or funny movies, we take a look at the movies playing on all platforms. We offer concise reviews and just tasters of what is out there and available to watch at your fingertips.

We take a look at some specific genres such as action movies, 1990’s action movies, historical drama movies, smart movies, funny movies released this year and also some that are related to casinos and gambling.

You will find a rundown on the plot of the movie as well as the main protagonists in the cast and the directors who made their vision come to life on the screen.

There’s a lot of average movies playing out there, but if you consult this list, you will have some of the freshest content out there dissected and ready for you to seek out. The movies we have brought back to you are the ones that we believe deserve to be watched again. There is a new market in cinema where older movies are playing at cinemas again, so if you want your popcorn and a soft drink and the big screen, you can do that. But if you prefer to rent or stream online, you can do that too, but don’t do it without our guide.

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